Our focus is always to create value for our customers.

Our role as a business partner increases your chances of success in the market

If you are planning to carry out an analysis of high quality, with guarantee that the data gathered and worked up are correct, you have entered the right website.
4B Research A/S acts as a business partner within all kinds of analytical work. Overall, we have competenses within two branches of analyses:

Qualitative analyses such as focus group interviews or in-depth interviews.
Quantitative analyses such as telephone-, internet, postal or personal interviews.

Whether you are looking for a partner to help you with measuring customer satisfaction, employee prosperity, leadership or image in the market, 4B is the right choice. In everything we do, we value working as a partner throughout the entire process to ensure the right people are asked the right questions, but also that the data collected are handled correctly, so that the outcome is easy to continue working with. This will give you every chance for success in the market.

We use our own phoners, and carry out all analyses in-house, as we see it as a significant quality that we handle the the entire process in connection with analytical work.