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Do you know how your employees are?

It is a well-known fact that job satisfaction is an important prerequisite for creating a successful place of work that is able achieve good results. When employees feel comfortable in their daily work they are more committed. They are motivated to take more responsibility so that the company achieves its goals, and thus they perform better and more efficiently.
There are many factors which can influence the job satisfaction of employees, and the management is not always aware of what is of significance to the employees. By carrying out a job satisfaction analysis, the management are able to display both what motivates employees in their daily work, but also how they view their own role in the company, the management and the cooperation with colleagues.

In a job satisfaction analysis the following factors will be evaluated:

Demands to the job
Influence and possibilites of development
Management, support and communication
Insecurity in the job
Satisfaction with the job
Psychological well-being
Goals and values

To ensure that the employees are honest, the answers are anonymous. There will, however, be various background-questions such as sex, age, jobfunction and seniority, which are used to uncover different perceptions across these variables.
The result can be benchmarked against other companies where such a meaurement has been carried out.