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Are your leaders competent?

360° leadership analysis

The philosophy behind a 360° leadership analysis is simple: Different people demand different types of leadership. With that, they also draw on different skills from their leader. 360° leadership analysis has been developed through many years of international experience with behaviour and working methods with leaders on all levels and from all lines of business. 360° leadership analysis is not just a tool to develop the individual leader. It is also an immediate and clear diagnostic system for the responsible leader.

In short, a 360° analysis involves an evaluation from the leader him-/ herself, from his/her closest leader and from his/her employees on 19 questions, regarding everything from the leaders' ability to motivate employees, managing a meeting, planning and setting goals and the follow-up on these goals.
The 19 questions are presented in well-arranged graphs, given to the individual leader, and in totals where a comparison of the score of the leaders are presented, and the score of the individual questions are compared.

The analysis will be carried out with collection of data via internet, if necessary supplemented with postal questionnaires for the employees that do not have their own e-mail-address.
The presentation will be delivered in power point format and presented personally for the management of the company.