Our focus is always to create value for our customers.

CEM (Costumer Experience Management)

With CEM, each manager in your company will get instant evaluations of his individual mission performance. From existing customers who need to be retained, from prospective customers who need to be attracted and won – or from employees, partners, sales channels, etc.

With CEM, you can streamline your market and customer perception, trimming it to match your company’s particular strategy and mission – from the overall general perspective down to the detailed operational level.

This approach results in strengthened cohesion, increased momentum and a completely new and clear perception of the market – for everyone from the senior management, over HR, marketing, sales, development, service, etc. 

As a result, traditional market intelligence, which in the past was typically used to explore individual areas, will become redundant, as the new streamlined approach will provide each player with a continuous stream of accurate knowledge, based on evaluations from particularly relevant customers and individuals.

This is how Customer Experience Management should work in practice. And without the Catglobe software, it tends to become a cumbersome, costly process of limited practical value.