Our focus is always to create value for our customers.

4B Research

There should not be far from idea to action.
4B Research is a company that since it was founded in 2003 has worked on increasing our coustomers' possibilities of succeding in the markets of their choice, partly through analyses, partly through telemarketing.

Too many companies make too few analyses, or none at all. Analyses of markets and customers, in particular, can help companies develop, and make decisions on a safer basis. The analysis provides the very foundation for action.

At 4B we combine analysis with telemarketing, as we in the telephone have a tool with which we can collect data efficiently. Furthermore, the telephone is an important asset in our telemarketing services, whether it is booking of appointments, qualification of leads or inquiry calling.

Within both analysis and telemarketing it is a fact that 4B Research does not merely provide a snapshot of your customers' or the market's view on your products. We focus on creating a value for our customers, which can also be used progressively in future marketing processes and strategies.

4B is your external partner in business, but we like to feel as a part of your business.