Our focus is always to create value for our customers.


The mission of 4B Research is:
"To facilitate our customers' access to selected markets"

The statement above will be achieved in the following way:

By using four simple Danish words in our work, equivalent to the 4 B's in our company name, we will make sure that your company achieves its goals, and that you are successful. The 4 B's are how we help customers in and about the market:

It must be easy to cooperate with 4B.
No long, boring meetings without profit.
No discussions on exactly what has been agreed.
No imcomprehensible invoices.
No phone calls made in vain.
No tortuous explanations and excuses.
And so on…………


The employees at 4B Research follow a certain set of values in their daily work.

This set of values expresses the way all employees at 4B think and work. The fulfilment of our 10 key values will create our profile towards customers and employees.

Set of values at 4B Research:

We treat our customers and colleagues the way we wish to be treated ourselves.
We make it easy for our customers to cooperate with us.
We make the most of our own, our colleagues' and the company's knowledge in order to satisfy our customers.
We watch the behaviour of our customers and our rivals closely.
We seize opportunities and are willing to change.
We break new ground and are experimental.
We are cost-effictive.
We solve a problem when we see it.
We are dedicated to our work and are visible in the market.
We have a sense of humour.